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Flashing Mini LED Lights for Models

Flashing LEDs for battery
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These Super Bright Flashing Blinking  LEDs come Fully Assembled For "plug and play" use.  They have wire, a resistor, shrink tube all assembled.

Use with a 9 volt battery snap switch, a 12 volt battery or our 12 volt wall adapter. LEDs come with Resistor and 8" of wire already attached. Ready to use and guaranteed to last. Our Flashing LEDs are what is called   "Integrated Circuit" LEDs, meaning the flash circuit is integrated inside the bulb. What does this mean?

No Circuit Board is needed for the Flash It also means each LED will flash independently of the others. Giving a nice random flash effect!

If you get multiple LEDs they will flash randomly.  If you want  synchronized LED you can get them on our Synchronized LED Page

How Many Lights can run on one 9V Battery Anyway?

The colors are much "truer" in person than our camera was able to capture.
A single 9V Duracell can run 50 LEDs for 4 1/2 hours. Then you will need a fresh battery. You can run from 1 to 50 lights on a single battery.

Some 3mm flashers in a 1:18 Police Car

We used all 3mm all fast flashing to modify this car. The LED colors show off much better in person, our camera can't capture such bright LEDs! The lights in the car are all 3mm fast flashers click to see which ones!

Connect these LEDs to your DC power source, such as a 9V Battery. For easy hook-up get a Strap/Switch Combo

These flashing LEDs will work great with anywhere from 5-12 Volts of Power. In our tests, three flashers can run brightly on a single 9V Duracell battery for 40 hours. We have both fast flash LEDs for modern cars See a 1:18 car with lights. And also Standard flash LEDs for earlier era cars.

Check out both Normal and Fast Flash Rates in this Video of 1:43 cars

Fast Flash LEDs Fast flashing LEDs are great in modern era Diecast Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulance, Tow Trucks and other types of emergency vehicles, or use them for fast Helicopter strobe lights.---

Normal Flash LEDs This is a good choice for 1950's era die casts.

Or try our really slow flash here now available!


More info: These flashers look great and work great in many RC applications such as RC Helicopters, RC Airplanes, RC Trucks, and other RC Vehicles. We also like to use flashing LEDs in Die Cast 1:18 Scale Police Cars and Fire Trucks, 1:24 Scale Cars and Trucks, and Die Cast 1:48 Scale Police Cars and Fire Trucks, as well as Maintenance Vehicles, Ambulances, Tow Trucks, and any other Emergency Vehicle and Helicopter and Airplane Lighting.


For a more permanent connection,

have a look at our   Regulated 12Volt 1Amp wall adapter.

Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! We have 25ft spools for only $3.00

Contact Us for more options
If you have questions about your particular project, contact us, we can help!

Our lights are guaranteed to work

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