SMD LED Lights

4 SMD Chip LEDs on one circuit
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Our popular 4-LED units also come in chip-style mini LEDs! These small LED lights connect to a single bridge rectifier/resistor/capacitor unit.

 Each LED is on 3 inches of magnet wire.

Each unit has 8" black input wires that can connect to either the positive or negative terminals on your power supply.

Choose from 2 sizes. Our chip size is great for larger-scale projects. These mini LEDs are deceptively small; they give off so much light! For smaller scales, we recommend the pico. At just 1mm wide, each pico LED is just big enough to give off a lot of light while also fitting into the tightest spaces on your layout.

Two colors are available for these mini LED lights: cool white and warm white. Warm white has more of a yellow tone and is a favorite for older-style lighting fixtures, including old-fashioned street lamps and sodium lights.

Cool white has a more blue tone and is a great choice for mimicking sunlight and more modern lighting fixtures.

Consider these units for smaller-scale passenger car lighting, passenger stations, housing along the tracks, and more! These units come completely ready to hook up to your train transformer or other 7-19 volt power source. Don’t have your own power supply? No problem! Our 12-volt adapters easily power these units.

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