Download the Model Builder Update for Free

Note XP users: many of the recent updates are for newer operating systems. We advise not to update if you have XP.

If your version is 1.5.7 or HIGHER

you need the (12MB) program update:

Update to Version 1.7.32

When you Click the update button, you will see a screen that looks like this:
Evan Designs Model Builder Update
Or This:
Evan Designs Model Builder Update

Choose SAVE. When the update finishes downloading, make sure you do not have your copy of Model Builder open. Then, double click the downloaded file to start the installation.

Install to the same folder that your Model Builder is located in.

Verify your Model Builder updated by again checking "Help" >"About Model Builder"
Model Builder Update

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New in Model Builder Version 1.7.32
Improvement to the brick and siding designer. Compatibility with our new "The Advertiser" program. Edit text in signs and add signs to your Model Builder projects. Improvement to import images, Improvement to crop/paint of large areas, new category drop down lists, no scrolling! Improvement to .gif import re-open
New in Model Builder Version 1.6.10

Added support for .dxf and .wmf import with more programs. Visual interface for selecting brick designer patterns and styles. Added support for A3 and custom paper sizes. Program setting changes now saves correctly with Win7 OS. Improved duplicate handling on imported images with Win7.

Added support for file sharing. .gif embed and repaired the stretch of imported .gif so you can now share your Model Builder files that contain imported images in .gif format with others.
Visit our new
model builder users users file share website today!

More Support for printing which improves communication with some newer printers. Support for larger sizes of paper such as tabloid and even larger. Added support for multi-page projects
Improvement to menu items based on user feedback, we have made menus more intuitive.

Sample buildings now available, pre-made and ready to open from the opening screen. Print these new buildings as-is or modify to your tastes.
Now you can double-click any saved file to open it into the Model Builder design screen, ready to modify.
Ability to use the Windows Clipboard to copy/paste images from other programs directly into Model Builder

New features since 1.5.7
Performance enhancements:

New, move materials
with your keyboard arrows.
Set up your preferences for each time Model Builder opens. Set paper size to USA letter or European A4.
Set the location your files save to. Set the location you like to import art from by clicking the "Modify" button.
Set this all up in the new area found under "File" > "Program Settings"
model builder features

Reduced the memory requirements for many operations. Screen draws and Paint operations are now faster and smoother than earlier versions. Improvements to the Brick and Siding Editors. Improvements to Building Plan manipulation. Perform all operations in any Zoom Level. Now you can work in 50% screen zoom to see more of your project at once and reduce memory requirements for faster operations.

Imported images are saved within the file for easier sharing with other Model Builder users. Improvements to scroll bars, print preview, page setup, improvements to the siding editor. Improvements to line drawing import, which
now includes.dxf import option

New Images Since V1.4.0

More windows and doors

more horizontal sidings

window panes and window pane "holes", to cover what's in a window
or turn a door into a window

Paper tools:
Templates for Roof lines and glue tabs.

This update will automatically overwrite previous versions, saved files will not be lost.

As always, we recommend that you view the new copies of the manual and the project idea book. The manuals are located in the "Help" drop down menu inside Model Builder.

Contact us if you have any questions!

These updates will only work if you already have the Model Builder Program