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O Gauge Railroading Forum One of the best Model Train Forums anywhere. No matter the scale! There are a lot of posts on the OGR forum about Model Builder, use the search tool on any page to search for "Model Builder" on the forum. See what users are saying about this program!

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Model Railroader Magazine

O Gauge Railroading

Scale Rails

Railroad Model Craftsman

Model Railroad News

Narrow Gauge Gazette

O Scale Trains Magazine

Garden Railways Magazine

Classic Toy Trains

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The National Model Railroad Association is the largest organization devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading

glue-it.com "The home of Model Making" this is a great place to stop by for Galleries, Forums, Clubs, Trains, Aircraft, Boats, Cars...Check it out!!

Links to over 5000 Railroad Websites!

Modeler's Graffiti Model Railroad Graffiti links to great RR sites, websites, merchandise, information, magazines, services, photos, and articles. Add your own graffiti free-of-charge.

Model Railroad Magazine Online
Layout photo pages from modelers like you, How-To Articles and Product Reviews, Rails Across America photo pages, Interesting ads and links. 1000s of photos, search for keywords, all scales, slide show

Rails across America
photo pages, current and ghost, text, GPS, slide show, over 500 photos, share your own North American prototype RR photos

Model Railroad Questions
answered Great Articles and Product Reviews

Model Railroad Layout Photos
from modelers like you, text, slideshow, over 1000 photos

Tried and True Trains
a total model railroad experience consisting of modeling information, information on Digital Command Control, Large Scale, train shops and links to popular model railroad locations on the net

Greek Train Models An informative site where you'll find model trains that conform to Greek railway prototypes.

Realistic Model Railways
A good look at the knowledge and skills involved when creating a model railroad.

UK Shop Index A site with Honest reviews of many different things!

Hirst Arts
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture, Cast Your Own Blocks - Build Your Own Castles. A great site with lots of useful tutorials on assembling scenes and using different materials to make details.

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