Your FREE Battery Strap with purchase of 10 or more DC LEDs

1 Free only with purchase of 10 or more 5-13 volt Battery LEDs!

We will add this FREE ITEM to your order if you are getting 10 or more LEDs.
1 free strap/switch for each 10

To get additional battery snap / switches for your projects go here:
Battery Strap with Switch


This is a nice easy way to run your LEDs. The 1 Amp switch is a push-on, push-off switch. We have already connected the switch to a battery strap, nothing left to do but connect your choice of any size and color LED lights.

Yes! It really is just that easy!

  • Twist the red leads on your lights with the red lead on this 12 inch strap.
  • Protect the connection with tape or a wire nut.
  • Then twist the black leads on your LEDs to the black lead on this strap.
  • Again protect the connection.
  • Go! Snap on the strap to any 9V DC battery.
  • Press the switch and have a light show!
  • Press again to turn off.

And you can connect A LOT of LEDs to this sturdy system. In our tests, 50 LEDs run nice and bright on a single 9V battery. Of course, the battery snap/switch can handle solid or flashing LEDs.

See how easy this switch makes things!