Side Glow Fiber Optic

Side Glow Fiber Optics
Side Glow Fiber Optics
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 Side Glow Fiber Optic can be used to outline areas in your models, add lines of straight or curved lighting to a project.  

Side Glow Looks best in Low Background Lighting and is brighter when LEDs are used at both ends of the fiber.

Sometimes there are areas of a project that can be very challenging adding conventional lights to such as a model of a narrow tunnel, hallway, or wet environment like an underwater project.  Side Glow Fiber Optic does not show well in a bright room.

Side Glow Fiber Optic transmits the light that you put into it. Use white light and the fiber will be white.  We recommend getting either our 3mm or 5mm LEDs for using as the light source. 

The optic strands are 1.5mm or 2.5mm in diameter and are very flexible.  They light evenly along their length in the color of LED you use.

Our fiber optic is sold by the foot. Price is 0.95 cents per foot. Add the number of Feet you need to cart.  This product can be easily cut to the exact sizes you need with regular scissors.

How do you use fiber optics?  You will need an LED for a source light.  Choose from any of the LEDs we carry.  We like the 3mm because you can sand the tip of the LED flat and glue the fiber right to the flat bulb surface. If you want you can glue 2 or more fiber optics to the same LED.  Also, our 3/32 shrink tube slips right over the 3mm bulb and blocks any side light, while securing the fiber even better to the bulb. Go easy with shrinking the shrink tube.  You do not want to accidentally melt the fiber optic!

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