Over 50 Graffiti Images Scaled to Add to your Rolling Stock and Structures!

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If you are modeling from 1950 on to the present, graffiti was and is an increasingly common sight
on structures and rolling stock. Graffiti has found its way out of the Subways and onto Boxcars, Tanker Cars, Even Locomotives, Water Towers, Garages, Public Places, Wall Murals, and More.

This graffiti CD works as a plug-in for Model Builder. So you will need to have Model Builder to use these great images.

PC Software for Windows

From the "Killroy was here" to the new

  • "Wild Style"
  • "Blockbuster
  • "Throw Up"
  • "Tag Style

Graffiti is everywhere. Add more realism to your layout! We have captured many of great graffiti images and styles, and collected them onto this Graffiti CD, with over 50 images to choose from!

Put Graffiti images onto Model Builder walls, in the program. Or print out the Graffiti images by themselves onto Decal Paper, cut them out and put your graffiti images onto your rolling stock, existing plastic and scratch-built structures, and anything you can think of... just like the real "spray-can artists" do!

Add more realism to your Layout with Graffiti!

Graffiti works with Windows Windows 10, 8, 7

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