Quick Burst Strobe Flash

Quick Burst Strobe Flash
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Cool White
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Strobe Flasher!

This strobe flash is quick and short with a 1.5 second pause between each We have the strobe in cool white Mega or Cool white 3mm.  We also have a custom option if you would like a different size or color on this circuit. 

This video shows you how quick this burst of light is:

Strobe LED Effect with Mega or 3mm Cool white

Run this strobe on 3 volt or 5-12 volt or 7-19 volt AC/DC we have it setup for your power supply.  If you don't have a power supply chosen, try our AAA holder with switch.

Strobes are great for Fire Alarms or other Emergency Settings. Strobes can also be found on Warning Beacons on Radio Towers or High Voltage lines, Chimneys and other high structures to warn away low flying aircraft.


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