Diecast Police Siren

Realistic Police Car Siren For Diecast Vehicles
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Realistic Police Sounds for your Diecasts!

This Police Car Siren has 4 realistic sounds:

  • Wail, priority, phaser and airhorn mix
  • Priority
  • Phaser
  • Wail


Speaker: Siren Circuit:
36mm diameter
5mm thick
wired 7 inches from the circuit.
20mm long
11mm wide
4-5mm thick.

A momentary switch (6mm square) is wired in. Press the switch once for the 1st sound, again for 2nd, etc. 5th press turns it off.

Watch us install this police siren in a 1:18 Crown Vic!!

The 2 power leads connect to any 9 volt DC battery source

Run this realistic siren circuit plus our lights in your police car with one 9V battery

Police Siren for Diecast and RC

Check out the Siren Installed in this 1:18 Undercover Crown Vic

Speaker Options

The Siren speaker even fits into 1:43

Add sound to all of your die cast and RC vehicles with this realistic and loud Police Siren!

Power Wheels Option!
Bigger speaker already included
This will also work for KidTrax vehicles.

police siren circuit

Need a bigger speaker? Big Speaker here!

"man I love the siren....reminds me of being back on the road"


"Thanks for that police siren , thats one AWESOME stuff you guys have ...."


"I wanted to thank you for an exceptionally well constructed set of lights and police siren. I am totally satisfied with your products and workmanship. My police car is now a hit in the office with my fellow fraud agents. Great prices too so you'll be hearing from me soon for more merchandise."


"I was amazed when I received the siren and speaker yesterday, I couldn't believe it got to me so quickly and I only have you to thank for that. I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. You went above and beyond the call of duty and exceeded my expectations (that's saying alot). You not only followed up and reminded me to send the order but you shipped it immediately. You are very thorough and very prompt and this type of service is what will keep you afloat when others sink during this tough economic time.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you're help with getting this item and that you're hard work did not go unnoticed. I have looked over you're website to get a good idea of the items you carry so I can recommend you to others when the need arises. I can tell you that in the future if there is anything I need that you guys stock I will not hesitate to order from you again."


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