RC Aircraft LED Lights & Lighting Circuit Systems

Aircraft Lighting Circuit
Aircraft Lighting Circuit
Aircraft Lighting Circuit
Aircraft Lighting Circuit
Aircraft Lighting Circuit
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9 Volt Battery Strap/Switch

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Use our Airplane Lighting Circuit to easily add realistic LED lighting to your Model Plane or Jet, even your Helicopter Model,  or RC Aircraft and Airliners.

This circuit is small, easy to conceal, and simple to use.  This circuit will give you all the lighting special effects your plane needs including strobes, beacon, navigation, landing, and even interior lighting. 

Circuit only Kit:

  • 4 Wired Male Connectors that mate to the board's positions
  • 1 Wired Female connector for power input 7-12 Volts
  • 6 inches of shrink tube for connections

Circuit plus lights:

  • Your Choice of size
  • Warm White Cabin Light
  • Cool White LEDs for use on the 3 Strobe Hookups,
  • Red and Green LEDs for use on the Wingtips Hookups
  • and a Red LED for the tail Beacon Hookup. 
  • Wired Pin Connectors & 6 inches of shrink tube for your connections

Choose the LED size you want based on your airplane's scale.


Visit our LED Size Guide for exact LED dimensions. All LEDs will exhibit the flashing behavior described above when connected to the circuit board

Wire Length - Each light can be up to 16 inches from the circuit board.  (You get 8 inches of hookup wire to the board, plus each light is pre-wired with 8 inches) For a large plane choose the 3mm-Long Wire option which allows each light to be up to 28 inches from the Circuit Board (14-inch hookups + 14 inch pre-wired LEDs)

Landing Lights and Interior lights - These lights are optional and not included in the kit.  If you want these orders any of our 5-12 Volt Lights separately.  The web pages containing these lights are called out in the Circuit Only option below.


Select Circuit Only and use it with any of our Solid LEDs.  There are many configurations that you can get for your model.  For example, you can put together your own group of lights with multiple light sizes, or double up on the lights on some locations like the landing lights.  You could even add a bright Mega LED of any color to keep your RC craft in sight in the dark or in a busy flying environment.

Choose from any of our pre-wired for 5-12 Volt use such as:

Circuit Only - This option is the circuit with pin connector wire hookups and 6 inches of 1/16th inch Shrink Tube


  Typical power supplies you could use:

  • RC LiPo batteries with 2 or 3 cells
  • a 9-volt battery
  • or our 12-volt power supply

Circuit Light Hookups: refer to the diagram on the Plane Sketch and Circuit Board Image

      (all LED hookups to the board are done using our male pin connectors)  5 male pin connectors are included with all board purchases.

  • Double Flash (2X Position)- LED(s) wired to this position cycle through 2 flashes and then a pause.  (like Airbus/Cessna wind strobe) Flash rate is adjustable*
  • Single Flash (1X Position)- LED(s) wired to this position flash On and then Off (Pause).  The LED is Off about twice as long as it is On. The flash occurs at a similar time as the Double Flash (like Boing wind and tail strobe wind strobe) Flash rate is adjustable *
  • Single Flash (FL Position)  This position is configured for a Red Beacon Tail Light.  It has the same Flash Rate as the Single Flash and Flashes just prior to the Single Flash
  • Steady Light (5V! Position) Use for steady lights on your plane, like Landing lights and interior lighting

    * Adjustable Flash timing is done by a small set screw on board.  You have adjustable rates between Flashing about 2 times a second and every other second. Or, you can chose a 3 Flash Warning LED Light System.

Current – Safely power up to a total of LEDs 8


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